Music classes for kids in the Minneapolis – St Paul Metro


Kyle Witherow has been making music his entire life. He grew up with two parents who were musicteachers themselves and instilled the value of learning all types of music along with the importance of a quality musical experience at a young age.

Kyle attended Bemidji State University where he received his Bachelor of Science Degree in Music Education. He taught music education for 15 years in several Twin Cities schools to many students with varying abilities. He continued with graduate studies and obtained a Master of Arts in Education and a K-12 Administrative License.

Boy-Playing-DrumsIn addition to Kyle’s teaching experience, he performed professionally as a saxophonist for two years with Nashville recording artists, The Tonight Show musicians, and was a featured entertainer on a Branson style musical review show.

After two years as a Stay At Home Dad with his two young children and experiencing first-hand the lack of quality music education in his children’s childcare, Kyle created Play Tap and Go in 2009. Dedicated to providing a fun atmosphere where kids have a quality musical experience, Play Tap and Go has grown from twenty five students to reaching hundreds of children each week in childcares, pre schools, private schools, and city programs all across the Minneapolis/St. Paul Twin Cities area.

Why Play Tap and Go?

It’s quite simple. We have fun learning through musical play!

At Play Tap and Go, we instill the love of music through carefully crafted lesson plans which focus on movement, games, instrument exploration, drum circles, pitch matching, language development, stories, and so much more.

Children will interact with puppets, touch, feel, and play musical instruments, provide background music for stories, learn musical terminology through active games, create their singing voice, strengthen listening skills through imaginary play, and use their active energy to begin to develop a solid set of music fundamentals that will last a lifetime.

Our proven and time-tested techniques have positive a direct and positive impact on:

  • Early Language Development
  • Physical Motor Skills
  • Coordination, Timing, and Spatial Reasoning
  • Math and Literacy Skills
  • Self Esteem and Social Skills


Hands-on-Drum-sChildren learn best through musical play where they can actively participate, observe, interact, and learn from others. What child doesn’t like a game or activity that encourages them to learn a new musical concept or idea?

At Play Tap and Go, we believe all children are born with musical ability. It simply has to be nurtured.

The most critical years of musical development are from infant through age ten as the brain rapidly develops and matures. Children first learn language skills, not by being taught how to write letters or words, they learn through active play, manipulatives, imagination, and immersed in language day after day. Learning music through Play Tap and Go is the same way. Children are immersed in sounds, a variety of musical styles, rhythms, patterns, stories, and games. They learn through the natural process of exploring, imagining, observing, repeating, and creating. At Play Tap and Go we take extreme pride in providing a high quality, encouraging, yet FUN musical experience for all children.

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