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Musical Toddlers

musical-toddlers-picAges One and Two

Toddlers will experience new songs, dances and fun music activities with the core focus on singing and keeping a steady beat. The long-term goal is to have fun with music while improving coordination, timing, listening and language skills. Students are engaged in the learning process through the use of high quality percussion instruments, stories, puppets, animals, and various props that make the learning process come “alive.” The repetition of the activities and songs allows the children to feel comfortable, support active participation, and enhance their language development and memory. The fast paced nature of this class allows children to freely express themselves and develop a strong and active imagination.

Class Length: 25 minutes
Cost:$38.00 per month

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“My daughter absolutely loves your classes! High quality and educationally sound. My only concern is that I wish I would have signed her up sooner.”

– Sarah L (parent)

Frequently Asked Questions about this class:

How is the Musical Toddler’s class different then the Musical Babies class?

If a child participated in the Musical Babies class, they will recognize some of the music as we review and build upon the core music fundamentals. Not only will they be asked to tap the beat, they may now have to stop, turn, and listen for a pattern.

Toddlers are beginning to stretch their independence. In our class, we try to take full advantage of this development. We encourage them to sing, match pitches, contribute to the group, imagine, move, play instruments, and observe all by themselves.

Parents are always welcome, however, don’t be surprised if your child doesn’t want any help from you. It’s their simple way of saying “look at me!”

What does a Musical Toddler’s class look like?

We continue to work on solid beat keeping along with additional focus on listening skills, matching multiple pitches with the help of our puppets and games, and encourage more active involvement in the group setting. Children will be introduced to simple music terminology such has high and low, loud and soft, fast and slow, and will have the opportunity to use hand instruments, animals, and musical objects to reinforce the new concepts. Lively, educational, and fast paced fun!

How do you keep a young child engaged for a 20-30 minute class?

You might be amazed at how well a group of young children can listen when they are guided with a well structured lesson that is fast paced, lively, and interactive. Our whole goal is maximize their energy and activity throughout each lesson. Will they sometimes wander and become distracted? Absolutely. It’s almost anticipated and that is OK by us. We will redirect and continue to encourage their participation.

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