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Musical Babies

Birth to Walking

Babies naturally respond to music. In Musical Babies, parents/caregivers will interact with their baby through simple rhymes, lullabies, floor and lap games, actions songs and dances. All of these highly interactive activities encourage a baby’s natural response to music. Learn about musical development and bond with your baby. At the same time nurture his or her language development and grow their listening and motor skills, all through music!

Class Length: 20 minutes
Cost: $22.00 per month

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“Our center is so fortunate to have you as an instructor. It’ obvious you have a passion for children, music, and learning. The quality of instruction is outstanding.”
– Julie B (center director)

Frequently Asked Questions about this class:

Can a baby really benefit from a music class?

Even though a baby can’t actively move, clap, sing, or run during class, their brain is often developing at a much faster rate then older children. As they move into the later half of their first year, babies begin to catagorize and prioritize. Simply amazing stuff!

Learning music is similar to learning how to speak. When we talk to babies we are actually encouraging and promoting language development. When we expose babies to music we are encouraging and promoting musical development. With that said, babies will not be able to tell you how much they are learning. Sing to them, help them feel the beat by bouncing and moving, and let them learn through observation and exploration. As they move into the toddler years, you will truly begin to see the benefits of their early music exposure.

What does baby class look like?

A mixture of dance, yoga, exercise, and music all at the same time! In all seriousness, that’s exactly what most of the “veteran” parents will tell you. We gather around a big center drum to develop our beat keeping skills, chant nursery rhymes with our babies, perform action songs which can require leg/knee lifts etc, perform child/parent dances to various songs which introduce patterns and sense of motion, and end with lullabies and goodbyes! It is always fun and engaging and a great opportunity to meet other parents from your child’s class.

Are parents required to attend the babies class?

In the childcare center, we have the luxury of having a caring staff member (s) join the music group in the event you are not able to make it to a music class. With that said, it’s always a wonderful opportunity for parents to spend a little extra time during the day learning, sharing, and bonding with their child through music.

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